We strongly support the studies related to Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD). Here at Infiniti Kids, we focus on the First Phase of Athlete Development and developing physical literacy in the child.


The main objective should be the overall development of the child's physical capacities and fundamental movement skills. The key points of this phase are:​

  • Participation in many sports 

  • Physical qualities such as speed, agility and endurance are developed using FUN games

  • Introduction to the simple rules and ethics of sports

  • Develop the child's:

    • ABC's (Agility, Balance, coordination and Speed)

    • RJT (Running, Jumping, Throwing)

    • KGBs (Kinesthetics, Gliding, Buoyancy, Striking with a body part)

    • CKs (Catching, Kicking, Striking with an implement)


Our program aims to expose kids to a variety of sports which they may be familiar with. From individual to team sports, kids learn and experience a range of basic sports skills while developing social-emotional and mental skills through our activities.

We strive to maintain a 1:8 coach to student ratio for safety purposes and so that each child has sufficient attention for learning.

FOCUS ON FMS and Physical Literacy

Fundamental movement skills are the foundation for sports & games. We train and develop their FMS so kids become physically literate.

A physically literate child is confident , competent and motivated to stay physically active, healthy and happy. The child will be willing to participate in sports and remain active for life!


We use age-appropriate equipment that are safe, colourful and well-maintained. We strive to provide sufficient equipment for every child so that their learning experience is optimized! 


Our coaches are:

  • First-aid trained
  • Have experience managing children from 2-8 years old

  • Competent in teaching the basics of a range of sports

  • Knowledgeable in pediatric exercise and able to deliver developmentally appropriate activities

Our coaches are trained to:

  • Provide timely and constructive feedback for learning

  • Encourage students with a variety of methods and strategies such as positive reinforcement and hi-5s

  • Enforce safety standards, be it physically, emotionally or socially.

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