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  • Why multi sports for kids?
    A multi sports approach builds physical literacy in kids- they become confident, competent and motivated in moving and being physically active. Being exposed to a range of sports keeps physical activity fun, non-competitive and interesting. The foundation is developed for them to lead healthy lives when they grow up!
  • What is the problem with early specialisation in sports?
    Kids who specialise in sports too early experience higher rates of injury, decrease in motivation and experience burnout quicker. Studies have also shown that early specialisation does not necessarily lead to success in that sport later in life. It is important we keep kids interested and motivated in physical activity as much as we can through fun, engaging and varied sporting activities. They can choose to specialise in a sport (if they want to) when they reach their late teenage years!
  • Who are the Infiniti Kids coaches?
    Infiniti Kids coaches have a strong passion and background in coaching kids in areas of sports and values. Our coaches are trained and experienced in managing young children, keeping them safe and engaging them in fun lessons. Definitely child-friendly!
  • Where is the Infiniti Kids Multi Sports Academy?
    Our current location is at 6 Tebing Lane (Punggol). It's fully sheltered and near amenities, so parents can have a bite before/after the class! We are open to holding it at other venues. Contact us to discuss more!
  • What does my kid need to bring for the Multi Sports Academy?
    Energy and enthusiasm! Be in sports attire with covered shoes and bring along a filled water bottle.
  • Can parents join in?
    Definitely! Parental involvment is encouraged especially if the kid is shy or uncomfortable at the beginning. Parental involvment also helps build bonds with the child and allows for teachable moments to continue even after class!
  • What happens if my kid misses a class at the Multi Sports Academy?
    We have make-up dates available, so choose one and inform us to make the necessary arrangements!
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