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Creative writing for kids and children, master the english language


Develop a passion for writing to have a direct impact on your child's mastery of the English Language


Our creative writing programme was founded in 2017 with the sole purpose of helping students discover and expand their creativity and passion for writing. With constant revision, our creative writing programme has helped over 100 students achieve impressive composition grades in school.


Feedback from many of these students was that writing has now become an enjoyable process and titles they encounter in school are easier to deal with. Outside of school, many of our graduated students have developed interest in taking ownership of their personal creativity process. Many have started journaling, poetry writing and various other forms of content creation in the form of written work.

Our teachers have over half a decade of experience helping students from differing English proficiency backgrounds. We are dedicated to bring out the best in your child and to lend a hand in developing their passion for writing well.

What Makes Us Special?

We have experience helping students of all ages and backgrounds raise their written storytelling skills, all in a short period of time. By helping our students understand how to write well, instead of providing templates for a few common story titles and forcing them to memorise before regurgitating said templates.

We use engaging and entertaining activities for your child to learn how to write eloquently. We do not condone boredom of writing or learning in general. And we do not want them to go with the flow and just memorise what is before them, without understanding and appreciating the content.

Not to fret, there are little to no technical terms (jargons) or heavy vocabulary words used in our lessons. We are not here to scare your child with bombastic words or make them disheartened during this learning journey by any means.

I want your child to fall in love with writing and not just turn into a robot that churns out ‘copy and paste’ style work. Writing comes from the heart.


Trust me, when your child starts to learn to love writing, the grades will come naturally. 

We use specially curated exercises to allow your child to learn, apply and most importantly, remember the techniques they learnt to tell an amazing story.

We aim to develop each child’s potential in writing and lending them an assisting hand in pushing them to the limit of developing their own style of storytelling.

What Do We Offer?

Creative writing courses in a classroom playground setting. Every lesson gets your child moving and involved in activities to push their creative boundaries. We will touch on poems and prose, for your child to explore materials that they are not commonly exposed to at their age, to give them an edge in Singapore’s academic landscape. 4 weeks of poems and 4 weeks of prose.

Why Did We Come Up With This?

We realised over the years handling students from different English proficiency backgrounds that they meet issues of creativity when trying to tell a story. They mostly lack the ‘wow’ factor, which led us to come up with this programme for them to tap into their potential and become the best version of writers

What Can You Expect When This Programme Is Over?

Your child will have a mind of his own when it comes to writing any title provided. They will exit the programme becoming creative individuals who will set themselves apart from other students through their unique take on creative works.

We believe that every child has the potential to be creative.


We believe that every child has the potential to become a great writer.


We believe that every child who exits the programme will develop a passion for writing in any form, be it short stories, poems or even journaling.

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